Shlomi Centre for Alternative Theatre

The Shlomi centre for alternative theatre was established in the year 2000 by the ministry of Education, sport and Culture

David Maayan, a prominent contemporary Creator, was chosen as artistic director to the theatre. Since then Maayan together with a core group of fine artists has been developing a unique theatrical language, several performances were created, and successfully shown in Israel and abroad

Today around 20 artists are actively involved in the shlomi centre for Alternative Theatre, located in a former warehouse in the old industrial area of Shlomi, in northern Israel, close to the border with Lebanon
The shlomi centre for Alternative theatre is devoted to create and encourage original, innovative Theatre art
In addition, the centre fosters a dialogue between artists and the local community, in such areas as education, art, and Culture

The shlomi Centre for Alternative Theatre focuses on three Major spheres of Activity

The school for Alternative Theatre
A postsecondary institute, that operates a three-year program in alternative theatre. Training and qualifying artists to make a personal artistic statement

Theatrical events
At least once a year, the centre presents a new original production to audiences in shlomi, elsewhere and abroad

Community involvement
The centre is involved in Educational activities in local schools and organizations of community events
The shlomi centre for Alternative Theatre is a true home for art and creativity, dedicated to developing a new Israeli artistic language, and providing a space for the creative process to grow and flourish

The shlomi centre for Alternative Theatre creates an original Artistic and cultural statement
It’s bold and unique body of work is a tribute and an accomplishment to the Art of Alternative Theatre. They have and will continue to stretch the boundaries of Artistic and personal human statement

Were looking foreword Hearing, performing, and working with you in the future

The shlomi centre for alternative Theatre is proud to Present and offer 3 productions
These Productions are to perform in theatre Festivals and artistic events

The Green house Effect

Winner of the 1st place award, the international alternative Theatre festival In Bat-Yam Israel
The latest production from the shlomi centre for alternative theatre. “The Green house Effect”. This unique display of art, content, and multimedia deals with the importance to preserve our fundamental treasures. A flying saucer from the icy planes lands, the audience are invited to go in and meet the guards. That reveals to them the importance of preserving the earth, and the Human legacy that has evolved inside. This is a multimedia and audience participant event
The Green house Effect is an outdoor Multi disciplinary Event. It’s an ecological, cultural, and social Event. It includes Feelings from past and present. A Collapse and renewal, Hope and despair, in one big Green house

From the reviews: “The group develops a unique theatrical statement and path. The show’s main characteristics are dealing with the audience in an interactive and unique way. Creating a theatrical adventure, movement in a personal space. Creating extremely emotional personal and group situations

The sleepers

The Israeli society under the looking glass, looking for leadership, the dream and its collapse
Sleep walking, and a generation that’s gradually fades away. Who will steer the ship? At a full moon nights, floating above the water. The ship or our lives sails a children poem to lead her on the way. The leader is a sleep and the civilians as well. With the break of dawn we awake as sleepers. At night we sleep awake, climbing down on the sheets of our hopes. Between one sleep and another, our lives go by

The sleepers is a unique and bold look at the Israeli society, keeping the hand close to the heart and kicking and crying out a wish for awakening. It involves theatre, Multimedia and video art. And a total display of acting and all around experience that keeps you on your toes and lives you shaken and amazed

Via De La Rose

Neta Plotzki leads us through her personal story. Childhood in Poland, Wonderworking in Israel, and around the world. The effects it had on her future, the death of her mother, Marriage, past present and future mixes ant entwines together above the family table and under. Some revealed and some Hidden. The family is around the table eating a family dinner that’s served to the actors and the audience as they share the same table. The smells of Home cooking the sounds of Home. A visit to a personal Museum, a family Album and an in-depth soul searching and settling of old debts in a dysfunctional celebration

The show includes a dinner and uses a Table platform which the actors use and enter in and out

Video footage is available for all 3 productions upon request