Old Forever

Picture. Darkness. Entrance of the Audience.
Entrance of the Actors.
Entrance without. Entrance with.
Three carts.
Observe. Text in a whisper.
Exit without.
Entrance with 3 carts.
Remove. Fold. Put down. Attempt
Raise hands.
Text in a whisper.
Exit with. Entrance without.
Stand. Go down.
Lie down. Cry and whisper.
Exit with. Entrance without.

This multidisciplinary performance creates a unique language and is inspired by the works of  Samuel Beckett.

The work includes 8 pictures, each of which has a main title that is announced during the performance.

The first picture is Entrance of the Audience, and the final picture is Exit of the Audience. The series of pictures in between them relates to the existential condition and to the relationship between three old people, experienced actors that sit in carts; and their three caregivers, young actors that are responsible for them. Throughout the entire performance, the audible stage directions dictate the actions of the characters on the stage.

In all of the pictures, the stage directions are spoken by the announcer except for the fifth picture, Lights Out. In that picture the caregivers, who are young actors, dictate instructions as they wish and lead the old people, who are experienced actors, to their deaths.

Yet this is not the end of the story. Old Forever does not have a linear, realistic story. The work is led by the language of surrealistic images and the absurd that creates its own reality, a riddle for the performers and the audience. They are tossed between emotion and detachment, between the visible and the hidden, together with the carts that endlessly carry the old forever.

First Picture
Entrance of the Audience

Second Picture
Entrance of the Actors

Third Picture

Fourth Picture
An Outing

Fifth Picture
Lights Out

Sixth Picture
Entrance of the Actors

Seventh Picture
Curtain Call

Eighth Picture
Exit of the Audience

Impressions from the Performance