The Shlomi Center for Creativity


We aspire to develop and empower a person’s spark of creativity and to provide tools for developing an individual’s awareness, creativity and thinking. Through the establishment of a place for the arts, innovation and interdisciplinary education, we seek to enable the creation of reality in a new way that will positively influence society and community.
We work to spread our teaching and will open our doors to a great many children, youth and adults in Israel and throughout the world.


We aspire to teach children, youth and adults in diverse areas and to train them to be creators with personal and community awareness, so that they can fulfill a central role in the design and leadership of the modern world.

The Shlomi Center for Creativity is an innovative multidisciplinary center for the arts and education that was established in 2000 by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The center is a home for creativity, education and community service. It includes a school for alternative theatre, an artistic ensemble and a laboratory for the research of awareness and creativity.

Our Values

We work from a sense of responsibility for and caring about the theatre and its projects. We contribute to the community through cultural and educational activities in the periphery, on a permanent basis of partnership and reciprocity.
We host creators and audiences especially from the periphery as well as from other parts of Israel and the world. We are a home that hosts artists and creators in many areas. We develop an original Israeli language of creation that expands the space in which the creative process takes place and broadens the artistic experience.
We believe that creation causes its environment to flourish and strengthens human values such as sensitivity, acceptance, love, humility, compassion, inclusion and happiness.
We view art as an educational tool with which it is possible to advance, influence and bring about a better society.