Written by Pablo Zaltzman

The Clouding

Everything is on me
He bows his head
Bites his lip
Stands before him
I spread my wings
A sweet baby slumbers in my arms
I exhale in his ear
A soft sweet breath
His eyes open
The twinkle of wonder
Above him float moments he’s had
Rights and obligations expectations and disappointments
Breathes again
Everything is above me
The water boils
In the kitchen

Many Years Ago

You’re not coming
You’re not going
The wagon is stuck
In the heart of the desert
Cannot hear your voice
Cannot see your face
Walking backwards
Observe the seagulls
I sit by the sea
The world spins
The moon peeks
Still no track of you
The wagon is still
I feel the warmth of your body
Lying in bed
Hugging me
I feel you
I am ready to die
Do not leave me
You laugh I laugh
We sit by the sea
Listening to the waves
Amazed by the sunset
I lift the stick
To lead the convoy through the desert
To be
Also not to be
To be

A Plead

I pleaded to love
Didn’t feel it
Was disappointed
Defended myself
Was hurt
Was ashamed
Was saddened
Was pained
Secluded myself

A hand caresses my head
Drink water
Gallop in the field


I will not uproot you like a wisdom tooth
A free plant
In my earth
A lot is saved for you
I am a farmer for you
I am a gardener for you
I will internalize your beauty and your traits
Contemplation and hearkening
I will learn how to get close
How to get far
To and from you
At night I dream of you
See you dream
And smile to me
A sweet cry gushes from me
Quiet and refreshing
I gather your tears
In my hand
Drop by drop
With them I walk to you
My legs move
Slowly slowly
With them I water
I heal the earth
In the horizon
My beloved dances for you


In the night you are with me and I am fully with you
My head pleasantly carries the crown of pride
It is wonderful to be with me when I am with you too
Early in the morning
You are gone
Slipping in between my dreams
I am fully
So very disappointed in you
Disappearing from my life
And you are available
Always with me
Awaiting a call
A tear from the depth of the sea
A rocking boat
I ask for consolation
And you, between the thunder, smile at me
My head avidly wears the captain’s hat
And again
Early in the morning
I turn around and am surprised
To find out
That you are gone
Lying in bed
For a moment
You disappear
And I hold you
And while you are gone
You whisper in my ear
It is wonderful to be with me even when I am not with you
And then it is time for the clock
I listen to the bells


Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes
Stabilize and listen
Second voice first voice
Behind the words
He is present turning inward
Turning back around
Gently accepts
A new opportunity
He knows struggles
And opens and closes
Does not avoid he flows
Blue day white day
He appreciates and recognizes
And sometimes is astonished
Such a gentle spirit
A voice rises in the silence
He is present and disappears
Dances a step aside
He gently holds
Turns around turned around
And is perceived as a weakness sometimes as giving in
Not a hit not catchy
Not easily sold
He is a noble dancer
He leads and is led
Floats in the space searching for
Fruit of love, his essence
To discover love
Inside her
Fruit of love, his essence
To love


The moment
I hoped to erase
Flex muscles
Or breaking-
Fall into the abyss
Make way
Open a window
Move to the living room
They enter
Destroy the room
Break walls
The floor collapses
Water flows, fills a pit
Flocks of birds fly north and south
Everything is taken by the water
Several minutes
Back to the room
Close the window
Lie down breathe
My eyes close



And he asks and for what
I am guilty and I
Am blamed and he blamed
And I am blamed again
Inconceivable passion
Is present and held
Gracelessly sentenced
Grow orphaned
And he asks when
And I say never
And he said always
I feel guilt
And he fears not sensing
And I am blocked disappeared
And the boy is pleading angry
Terrified deserted

And he desires to fly
To break through the wall
And the boy pleads
Threatens yells compassion
Desire to free him
From the weight of the guilt

A flight to endless spaces
To impact and pleasure
Nature stirs up
And I ride it
The wind awakens


I did not yet write
The word
We must be
I still choose
To avoid

A lying manner
A proper manner
To whom to what
Am I faithful

Still I hold
In my hands in my teeth
In my feet
Dragged across the earth
I try
With all my might
To stop the wagon
Before the abyss

I float
Stare at the sunset
See in my foot
A wound that was healed in time
I am in gratitude
From within the gentleness
Like pure clear lucid water
We must be happy
We must
Defend happiness

A Wish

I lay
Feeling different
The rhythm
The deep sound
Return check
Move pinch
Slowly return
Return to where?
I lose for a moment
My attention
Where to
Maybe to die
For a moment or forever
And return
And now I sit
Listening to the silence threatening to be forever
I lay
Listen tensely
Flex each muscle
That still receives a signal
We’ll show her who’s boss
The nerve
Wants to run away to leave
What’s the big deal
Raises fists they don’t exist
His head too is no longer
Only the sense of movement the memory
Is no longer
Maybe dead maybe alive
Erupts in ancient weeping cries
Fears dressed up as clowns
Try to amuse to deceive
Here I am in the tree here I am in the fruit
Here I am in the river here I am in the wind
Here I am in the sky here I am in the fire
Staring and devoting
Falling into the void
I am the breath
The pulse
The moment passes
Sweating contracting
Spit blood roar
Kick in all directions
Tormented plea
Where to
To me
And how
In peace
When… now
And then
Be free
We’ll be
We’ll be one

She jumps

It’s a long long long way

And she dreamed of him
Before he was born
Youth-girl dreams
She was born to meet him
He was born to meet her
And there is no sense
Everything is so clear
She sends a ray of light
It alights the darkness
In the corner where sits
The boy that is afraid of his heart
She appears in his dream
Dances before him
And then he, too, feels
That same magical closeness
The woman, the beautiful girl
Appears in his dream
Wrapped him in love
Slept beside him
The woman, an eternal girl
A bride
His heart learns to love in her light
Her heart is clear and pure
Caresses his life
Together create a world
Unexpected and wondrous
Eternal girl dances from the depths of his soul
Sees in him something
He still hasn’t seen
She is the one
He is the one
Will be his wife
Will be her husband
Will be the girl in him
Will be the boy in her
Will be the mother in him
Will be the father in her
And she is in love with him
And he is in love with her
And together they will raise
A large family
Children of every age
In the bosom of the big mother
And this is how it is, he and she
Many years
Hand in hand
And he will protect her
And she will protect him
Walking together in the oblivion
Trying together to sweeten the farewell
A slow soft farewell
One minute one minute
Farewell Sadness Pain
One second one second
And he continues to dance
He dances for her
Kneels down before her
To tie the shoes of the queen
And she, a sweet smile
Comes closer
My love
It’s a long long long way
She whispers
She loves and is loved
Slowly slowly


Anxious today I am
About what was yesterday
Anxious I am right now
About what will be tomorrow
Silhouettes hustle around within
The dark corner
In the house,
That house
There is room for everyone
Or not
Or yes maybe
Go outside to breathe
Run away to open spaces
Search in books I never read
Either yes or no
Always back to that first feeling
Alone uprooted hanging by a thin string to space
Maybe I’ll cut
The umbilical cord
With my own hands
To feel a believer
Possible without anxiety
Either yes or not
But did I correctly see
You in the darkness
Great brave hero
Perfect invincible
Either yes or no
Maybe I’ll stop
Seeing someone else in the mirror
To lend a hand and to feel whole
Either yes or no perfect
Today yesterday tomorrow